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November 07, 2008



A trip down memory lane. If we can only knit all this stuff up before next year!


Oh no! By missing Rhinebeck I missed Brooks Farm? I love their Solo Silk!

What a great haul! Lovely color choices, and all those super yummy fibers.

Mmmm...makes me hungry for a sweater recipe!


I love the sock monkeys! I have a special place in my heart for them. I also love that green/raspberry theme you've got there.

Can't wait to see your CPH; the yarn is beautiful already!


You are still safe! I haven't knit that Central Park Hoodie either!
Great haul....what's that floral box in the middle of everything! ( Enjoy the knitting months to come.....


OMG, the glass buttons have rocked my world...I have already sent an e-mail to designer for more info...Thanks for the inspiration.

Oh, and the yarn is gorgeous...you chose well.


Wow! Those are some gorgeous gorgeous yarns! Very pretty and yes, I think you did a good job! And I haven't knit the CPH yet either!


It's totally NOT funny about the shawl pin....but it is if you witnessed it. It was fun to see all your goodies again!


Great Haul! I LOVE all of it--especially Brooks Farm though. I am getting a week bit snobby and picky in my old age--this year at stitches west Brooks Farm was the only stand that I had an especially hard time stepping out of. I dropped a small fortune at that booth he he....

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