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January 21, 2009



Sounds like a good idea for a book!!! And so true!


And you can name it "Chicken Needle Soup"!


It is true! Though, I tend to immerse myself in a lace or cable pattern when I use knitting for an escape or comfort. Maybe that's just me.


Mmmmm, garter stitch! I love it. So calming, so perfect.


Such a perfect post Sam. I love garter stitch too, but you said it a bit more eloquently than I could have. Thank you!

And the shawl is gorgeous!

Ellen Bloom

I have exactly the same yarn from Artfibers (so sad that the SF storefront is closing). I started knitting a sleeveless shell with my yarn. HOWEVER, after seeing your simple, but lovely garter stitch shawl, I'm having frogging thoughts!


I agree, soothing garter stitch! Pretty yarn!

Anita, a Knitting Junkie!

So true! Knitting truly is my therapy, my comfort, my 'chicken soup' for my soul. Great post!


Totally agree....even thinking about it is relaxing !


Nice color too. Definitely comfort knitting.


Thank you for your positive attitude - you have put into words exactly what I think when I knit my acres of garter stitch! I will think like this in future :-)

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