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January 13, 2009



Theorem looks awesome! I'm kinda off my feed on socks right now, but will keep it in mind for when the mood strikes again (and it will!)


Again Sam, another impressive bit of work. I am confident that you can finish 3 socks before February.


They are good looking socks! I also love your Shape it scarf!


That was cutting it close on the scarf, wasn't it? It looks great. As I scrolled down to your new sock, I exclaimed, "Pythagoras!" and lo and behold, you called it Theorem! I love it when I'm on the right track.

I'm not allowed to start my Leyburns until I finish the Athena that is on my needles. It's not for me after all; the colors are really all about my friend Doreen! And it's her birthday tomorrow...knit on!


the sock yarn colors are gorgeous, i've created a schedule for knititng for my upcoming week off from work, will be curious to see how far into my february lady's sweater and my lace stole with beads, as well as, the socks and fingerless gloves i "have" to complete . . . and people say i don't have "patience" to knit- who does!!!


Love Theorem! They'll be fun when you get the pattern ready for us all!


I just had to pop in and say hello, you gave me the best laugh this morning!
When you said "I am going to order a pizza, park my butt on the couch and finish it" my brain got hooked on finishing the pizza.....lol I guess you mean finish the sock......hmmm think I would rather finish the pizza...lol Thanks for the smile this morning!

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