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January 04, 2009



Yeah, it's doing that here tonight, too. It's supposed to get warmer each hour and be raining by midnight, but I'm not sure I should trust the forecasters, ever.

My friend in Edmonds is having kittens right this very moment. She is so counting on tomorrow being a school day.


Oh my!!! Crazy weather!! And I would think after a few weeks of kiddos at home, um.....I bet you are hoping that tomorrow is a school day!!! Stay warm!


I think it's beautiful. But I don't have to drive in it!


"All the white stuff from the last batch hasn't even melted yet!" A-ha-ha-ha!
You are so funny!
I know, I know, it's not even supposed to be there in the first place, but most places in the world it snows, you figure it's going to be around till March sometime.

We had a lot of freezing rain Saturday (air temp 27 degrees, cold roads) which I had to take an icepick to my car practically to get off. My wrists hurt. Luckily I could get two of the doors open. Eventually, after running the car and driving around in it for awhile, the other two doors could be kicked open from the inside.

So now we have a lovely thick layer of ice on top of the snow. Bet the orthopedic surgeons have been busy this last weekend with broken bones.... I would MUCH rather have just snow!


Right now pretty much all of our snow is gone. We do have some ice patches here and there. But nothing too bad.

Hopes it quits snowing soon for ya!


It looks absolutely amazing... But I get what you are saying about being cooped up with the kidos... Not the best for sanity's sake sometimes:(

Stay Warm!

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