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May 26, 2009



Still waiting to double check that I'm in the classes I've paid for... will you take the train down? I'm starting to think about travel and hotels...


I'm in! Classes but no events; I'm feeling poor. It's going to be a spendy but totally fun summer! Hope to meet you in person!


I like the picking out the plants part and admiring the finished installation, but not so much all the labor that goes into gardening. Have fun!

Love your new sock pattern. I got into two classes, one shorty 1 hour class and all the evening events. So so excited!


The yard looks lovely! It sounds like you have a budding landscape designer in your midst. Hmmm... I wonder where she gets it from? ;)

Love the Zoom Zooms!


Love the Zoom Zoom socks! Will have to see if it is ready to load-sadly, I haven't caught up much with blogs, blogging, etc...

I suck at gardening. I kill plants. Even succulents. And I even considered having a t-shirt made for myself that reads, "I kill plants."

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