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May 08, 2009



Mmmm, cheers to you, too! I'm partial to McMenamin's Ruby, but Strawberry Blond is nice, too. Now I need to check out the rest of your list!


There are some Fridays that I'm in a sprinters stance standing in front of the fridge juuuuust waiting for the clock to flick over to five-oh-oh!!

Chelsea the Yarngeek

Have you tried Purple Haze? Another lovely summer beer. My husband fell in love with it in New Orleans. It's hard to find, but luckily our local beer shop is up to the challenge of carrying it. :)


As they say, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere." Looks refreshing and even better in your frosty mug! I'm a hefeweisen girl.

marcy aka knittinggolfer

A girl, mom, knitter after my own heart! I knew I liked you!


I'm so pleased you partake of Newcastle Brown, brewed a mere 30 or so miles from me, and like Champagne and Parma Ham, can only be called Newcastle Brown if it's brewed in Newcastle. BUT a frosted glass??? Shock horror, even in tropical climes when the temperature is well into triple figures ale should always be drunk at room temperature :) Don't let the Campaign for Real Ale see your blog LOL

Enjoy the beer. I can feel the wistful call of a kriek. Perhaps I could pick some up on the way back from the school run?!


i want a slushy beer!

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