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May 05, 2009



Great job on setting priorities. I think it's hard when you have a lot of interests to be able to focus on one thing (as well as family and taking care of yourself) but in the long run it will allow you to really excel at what you want to do (and what makes you truly happy)! And yes, we love your "food"! Design away!


I think I bought the perfect yarn for that sweater at MDS&W! - I'm sure your fans will find you wherever you are and if it means more designs, then nobody will complain. Best of luck!


Well I'm certainly glad to hear you're still blogging- halfway through it crossed my mind and I panicked! Personally, I think it's a great idea... do what you love and see where it takes you. Good luck :D


Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor. You're off to a great start with Shawl that Jazz and all those other lovelies. Happy designing!


Congratulations on being able to do something you've always wanted :) Wishing you the best!


I know what you mean about trying to to decide what comes first(after family). For me at this time of year it is the garden,right now saving knitting for evenings and/or rainy days. It is good to have so many things we love to do...


I've got one of those large projects in front of me, and I need to do the same thing you did--just commit. Thanks for the inspiration.


Good for you Sam! I sure am excited to see you continue your designing! You are off to a fabulous start!!


I'm glad to see you "let go" of some things....
I'm happy that you're happy Sam!
Best of luck!


Congratualtions Sam - You are going to be Fabulous!!! I am very happy for you and I look forward to seeing this new chapter in your life develop:)


I'm planning on knitting Shawl that Jazz just as soon as I dye my yarn. I have a request and a suggestion: it would be very helpful to know the length of circular needles to use while knitting the shawl. If you make any updates to the pattern, that one would be welcome. Thanks.


yaaay!!! my shawl that jazz is coming along - doing it like your pond scum. Yummy!!!


I'm so proud of you Sam! You go girl! Follow your dreams.


Sam, finally I have a chance to review your blog posts. Been a hectic spring!
So a hearty congratulations to you! You have worked very hard and deserve to do what you love! Looking forward to watching your growth and designs to come!


Awesome, Sam! I wish I had your direction and focus-then maybe I'd actually get stuff done!

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