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May 12, 2009



I love me a good visual. This would be good laminated and sold on a card!


Short rows...questions? hate? who me??!! I guess I should have told you that before I offered to test knit..but I LOVED your way!!! And my first sock is done!!

And these graphics are awesome....no wonder you were pulling your hair out :)


Look at all those happy stitches! I love your tip/trick to eliminate the gaps.


One more thing... saw IGK's test sock she's doing for you and it's gorgeous!


Interesting - I'm bookmarking this post for when I make your shawl, I'm just waiting to find the right yarn.

Also, I like how your stitches look like hearts


Thanks for this. I obviously needed help at camp when I was doing this. Not sure if the beer and wine was messing with my concentration:)

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