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September 23, 2007


S t a c i

I didn't know you have an Etsy shop! Gimme a link to it! :)

I swear I saw little drawstring monkey bags at a knitting shop in Austin...are you selling them wholesale?

Great stuff. You make me wish I had better sewing confidence!


I didn't know you had an Etsy shop, what's it called. I really like both bags, I like the pouch to fit in my purse with the pouch in front to see the pattern and the row counter handles. I also like the drawstring tote with the zipper compartment in the bottom, handy for keys, phone etc. and you can have your knitting on top. What about adding a snap tab to that one, that way you could snap it onto a belt or a pant loop and let it hang?

You are a very talented girl!


OOOO! I'm loving all your new inventions! I'm already a fan of the pouch that you had at the Harlot reading - the zippered bottom one is great too (love the fabric!)

Be careful - your fabric stash could start competing with your yarn stash :)!


Yes - if you sold a book protector like that i'd buy one, and at least 4 more for my cooking friends. i searched through etsy so i'm guessing you haven't yet. if you posted your etsy shop name i'd stalk until one appears! great idea.

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