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October 02, 2008



Thanks for the award! I love the hat, too!!


Thank you, Thank You! for the awesome award:) Love the hat, the closet SPACE and your girl is darling:) She is going to rock in that costume this halloween:) I just finished ordering Little Cowboy's costume--He is itching to be Anakin:)


I love the dragon costume! We are so past those years; I used to make costumes but now don't get to any more.

And see, you DO have more time! I can't remember the last time I cleaned a closet...


Aren't those the cutest pictures of her!! Fabulous dragon costume :)

I love your blog too!! Thank you thank you!!


Congrats on the award!!! I love Gilly's costume that is so appropriate for her! Looks like the dragon we sent her one year!


Great hat! The one I made a couple of years ago was intended for my husband, worn by me, and then claimed by the girlie as her own. Versatile, indeed!

And that is the best dragon costume ever!

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