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December 12, 2008



What a great gathering and aren't you just loving the snow...???? There were some sweet gifts in that exchange!


That looks like such fun! And unfelted clogs are a great idea! As long as you've got a rough guess of the size....

Yes, the 'bitterly cold' comment almost made me spray the monitor. It's getting to the time of year where 20s will seem warm-ish. Not getting ABOVE 0 for a week -- now that's bitterly cold! Wind chill of - 70 -- THAT's bitterly cold! (And I still walked to a party in that because I was a stupid college student. But lived to tell the tale -- I did dress warmly and not drink very much, it was more about the dancing and the fun.) SW Wisconsin is a bit warmer than Minneapolis; not below 0 as often.

Still, the only airport I have ever been de-iced at due to snow was Seattle leaving Sock Camp this year!


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love the pre-felted mittens. Hilarious.

I'm a Michigander living in California. I fully understand your husband's frustrations. But I mutter, "It's just a little rain!"


Snow weekend!! How fun is that! I love when we are in Tahoe and we have no where to go but stay by the fire, have snowball fights, etc! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

Looks like girls night was awesome!


would love for you to send some of that wintery powder to the southeast, we could only hope right! looks like a fun evening out.

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