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February 06, 2009



I have the same thing going on at my house too! Does this stuff multiply? I have now outgrown two cabinets and gone to plastic bins. Everytime I think of getting rid of any of it, I think "No, I might need this". It's a horrible affliction.


Now I don't feel so bad. I had my hubby take a look too, just to make things more relative. (of course he hasn't seen the whole thing, either)


Ha! That was my first question.... Is that really all of it? I feel you pain:)


I have the solution! Build a studio where it can multiply. I see some awefully yummy stuff there....we all suffer from this and although I applaud the desire to gift it, be wary.... (


I love the photos - there's nothing wrong with decorating with yarn; it's very inspiring!


You've probably heard of A New Yarn in Seattle, which takes donations of yarn and supports Northwest Family Life. They may be a good place to donate yarns that are harder to sell: http://www.anewyarn.org/index.htm
I was also amazed at how many charities in WA were listed at the Lion Brand charity listing page: http://cache.lionbrand.com/charityConnection.html


Big big hug!! And Bravo!! And a .....breathe! Trust me, when I've done the destashing, I usually need a dear knitter friend to remind me that there will always be new yarns, prettier colors, how long have you had it, will you knit it tomorrow, etc. Its hard parting with some of the pretties, but it will make you feel better.

I also say take full advantage when you are in the destashing mood, because it can quickly change! For example, last night I had four skeins to add to the destash to take pictures of it the morning. This morning, one of those skeins is really really telling me they want to stay....I must resist.

Keep it up!!


If you can wait we have Fiber Frenzy at our May meeting for the Seattle Knitters Guild. You could participate and sell your yarns and what doesn't sell you could donate to a charitable organization. We have some listed on the guild's website. One of our board members is working with an organization in White Center where she is teaching people to knit - many of them where English is barely a second language.

If you have any questions you can e-mail me. We have Janel Laidman at our February guild meeting this Wednesday and Marianne Isager in March and Marta McCall in Apri.

I enjoy your blog very much.


Wow, impressive stuff! But now we're all watching to see how much you de-stash. At least it goes to support yarn-related travel. Good luck. Be strong!


Hee Hee ! Mine is a lot smaller but has still taken over the airing cupboard.. (convinced hubby that the towels and bedding etc that were in there, would be fine 'somewhere else'...) Never the 'perfect' yarn in there for a project though...funny that.
Hope you remain strong ;)

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