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March 20, 2009



Goodness she is adorable!! Too cute!! The salad looks delish!


Thanks for this recipe! I so need these in our life at the least when we get done a long day on the farm this is an instant and delish answer.
Beautiful young lady you have!


That's a cute noodle smasher you have there. Good thing you put the noodles in a bag!


Wow! Cooking is fun when you get to smash noodles!


That is my go-to salad as well -- but I use Mann's Broccoli Slaw instead of coleslaw, and then I delude myself that I am eating healthy food. Also, I lightly toast the almonds. To save even more time you can smash the noodles right in their package as long as your helper is not too enthusiatic so that a hole is blown in the side.

ps Congrats on the shawl being mentioned by Steph.

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