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April 07, 2009



I just love all of your yarns....great job!! (Okay, you can probably guess which one is my favorite, but the others fall into my second and third favorites...the pinks/burgundy and the autumn colors).

Can't wait to see what you knit up with yours!!!

Its raining here in CA....reminds me of camp!


Well I think the blue is gorgeous! Of course, that's not surprising since I adore blue so.

Also, your dogs are always so cute. :)


Sam, very nice....and the blue is lovely...thanks for sharing!

marcy aka knittinggolfer

love your colors sam! the pinks are beautiful. i want to do some more dyeing. start with color, i am good. give me a blank slate and i freeze. ok with it now and definately need to do again!!!! and what's the tina skein? those are my colors!! would buy all of yours!!!!


Love all your colors! Glad I didn't have to do that homework LOL, my range is wide!


I love the cherry/copper and the pinks. I'm trying to tap into my inner blue too. :)


I love your blues! But I also love the cherry/copper, and that's not my usual. Great job!


Beautiful photos and lovely yarn!! I love the top one and the one Tina did. Very nice. They're all beautiful, but those are my favorite.

geniaknitz in PDX, home of the Sock Summit

Wow; they're all pretty, but the only one I'm drooling over is the blue/green/lavendar.

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