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September 09, 2009



I don't have one yet, but I have acquired the perfect yarn and have it on my queue for this winter! :) (Texas Toasty in Manager's Choice!)


Wow, there's lots of places I'd wear that shawl... when I go to the LYS, volunteer meetings, gatherings, cool Fall days, when I want to wear something to keep me warm inside during the winter over my outfit, when I go out to do errands or groceries. It looks very versatile and chic!!


I've never been tempted to make a shawl. They're beautiful and I like to see other people wear them, but they seem fussy to me. They don't stay put and I would constantly be fiddling with it while I wore it. Nope, just not a shawl person.


I wear shawls wrapped up under my coat like oversized scarves on really cold winter days, or by themselves instead of a jacket when it's warmer. I also wear them indoors at home and at work to keep the chill off. Sometimes in the winter I even sleep in one!


My arms are always cold and my core is always hot, so shawls seem like an excellent garment for such a predicament... however, I'm still looking for one that doesn't make me feel like an old lady wearing a shapeless sack. I wear them with sleeveless dresses (easy to carry in a bag and throw on when it gets cold) but I have yet to find one that makes me feel elegant...


I always thought I was a shawl person - until I knit my first shawl. It became clear very quickly that I was not a shawl person at all (really, why am I surprised? I can't walk and chew gum at the same time and my hair never does what I want, so to wear something that requires effort to stay put is not going to happen). But my daughter is completely a shawl wearing person - so this is in my Ravelry queue to knit for her as a (Christmas) surprise. I am still hoping I will become a shawl person - perhaps, for me it will be part of the maturing/ageing process....

debra smith

I like to wear one while knitting first thing in the morning. Over my tennis gear on the way to court and in-between sets!


I wear shawls all the time, they go with EVERYTHING! Big chunky ones, fine lacy ones - they're all great.

My next shawl project is going to be 'Sleeves in Your Pi' - A shawl with sleeves, how cool is that?


I've recently been moved to an afternoon library which is freezing. My morning library is so hot I am regularly in vest tops. Shawls have become an excellent way of being warm on the way in, nice and cool in the morning, and snuggled in the afternoon. I am finding them far more versatile than cardigans, and much easier to look stylish in them!


I wear shawls when I'm in my chilly office at work (a big shetland wool Icarus is hanging over my chair right now). I also wear them at home when I'm not wrestling the kitties and under my coat in the winter. Sometime, in DC, I just wear the shawl and no coat since it doesn't get cold very often.


I almost through with mine! Just a few more rows on the ruffle ... love it!

Kathryn Quick

I wear my shawls when I really want to wear my favourite summer clothes but it's way too cold outside for that to be practical.


I wear shawls for the normal, temperature related reasons, but my favorite way/reason to wear a shawl is wrapped so as to cover the girls when I'm wearing a top that's a little too low cut!


I like this shawl. I think it is flattering. I prefer to wear a shawl instead of a jacket or coat. In the coldest of winter I like to use a shawl as an accessory to a light jacket.


I knit shawls but seldom seem to wear them - most of them are lace and I think what I need more of is something like this one (which is in my queue) rather than the ones that I usually knit. If I were to knit one like this I like to think that it would be in my office - though I might need to knit two so that one would be available on a moments notice at home. And this winter I intend to wear one of my big lace stoles like a scarf - kinda bunched up but at least it would get used more.

Darla Jones

I love shawls and would wear one anywhere/anytime. I stay wrapped up all the time at home because my husband likes to keep the house much cooler than I am comfortable with. I also freeze at church and always have a wrap of some kind with me from about Sept. thru early June. The Shawl that jazz is the only pattern in my shopping basket on ravelry right now...I keep saying "as soon as I finish this lightweight wrap that is on the needles now, I am going to get it and start it right away."


I love that pattern! It's so pretty, and it looks great in multicolored yarns!


I knit one out of kid mohair that is nice and light but keeps you warm that I carry around. I also have a pashmina in my knit bag for those knit nights where the air is cold. I have a number of shawls that I have in my queue and want to knit more for myself. Currently knitting a shawl as a planned Christmas gift for my step-mother-in-law.


My first shawl was the Prairie House Shawl by Star Athena. I made it out of Stitchjones Glam Sock Silver. It's gorgeous, but I've been looking for a shawl pattern that I could make bigger without having to figure out a lot of math (not my strong point!). I don't like to keep my heat on very high during the winter and a shawl would help add that extra layer over the sweatshirts & sweaters I live in!


I knit and wear shawls at work, since I'm constantly fighting the two competing HVAC systems - summer & winter!

They also make fabulous gifts. ;)

susan adams

I love shawl, but haven't knit this one yet. I would love to wear it to Boston when I visit my daughter at the end of October. She will probably want to keep it and I will have to knit a second one!


I love a shawl when I go out for the evening and am wearing a sleeveless dress!


I own many shawls, but rarely wear them. In my job a jacket is more practical for going to meetings, but I like a shawl for chilly moments when I am alone in the office. I really like smallish shawls that I can wear as a large scarf over a winter coat. I enjoyed the shawl that jazz pattern, and have just remembered that I need to mark that project as complete in Ravelry, and post a photo of it....


I wear them to my daughters hockey ... they keep me extra cozy & can double as a lap blankie if the rink calls for it ... and I love being able to snuggle my kids into one with me ... hehehehe


I wore it tonight at the casino. Always take it with me in air conditioning. Stays on the shoulders and keeps neck and arms warm. I don't need to be in the contest, just wanted to let you know how much I Iove it and that I think of you every time I wear it.


I find I wear a cozy shawl a lot more than a lace shawl. Your pattern would make a wonderful gift or prayer shawl.


I haven't knit one yet, but have several in my queue...I will probably knit small versions to wear more as scarves. We use only wood heat in the winter...I think they'll be handy for in the evenings, watching TV and knitting.


I like shawls as wedding wraps! Woo!


I wear shawls to all of the Broadway plays with my grandmother. It makes me feel elegant to have my pretty lace around my shoulders. I also have made a couple of more casual shawls that I wear out to dinner or even at home to keep warm when hubby turns the ac down too cold. I have wanted to make this shawl since I saw the pattern and have been looking for the perfect yarn. I found it on vacation last week and can't wait to cast on.


I love wearing shawls, any time. I only have two so far, so I definitely need to knit more of them. Love the pattern!


What a lovely shawl this is - it's on my to knit list!

I have knitted upwards of 30 shawls now, but have only 4 which I wear at every given opportunity. The rest have been gifted or auctioned for charity.

I work nights and when the temperature drops a shawl arounfd the shoulders is just perfect.


I wear shawls almost the whole year around, love them! I have not knitted this beauty yet, but would love to do it.


I've started to wear mine in the playground (I work in a school)! We're in that not quite Autumn stage in the UK, one minute the sun is out, the next minute there's a distinct chill in the air. If I get goosebumps I can wrap it up tight around me like a giant hug or let it blow loosely should that elusive yellow orb decide to show its face again.


I wear them in the office when people who don't feel the cold have windows open.

I love this shawl btw it's been sitting at the top of my rav queue until I can find yarn I like to knit it in...

MK Bailey

I love wearing shawls this time of year. They are perfect to throw on if you get a chill. I love making something so beautiful and useful all at the same time.


I just found your shawl on Ravelry, and I would love to make one. I am not a big fan of the traditional lace shawl, so I usually go for the ones that look good with jeans and more casual wear. I also like my shawls to not only look good, but also have enough substance to keep me warm!


I have not yet knit a shawl, since I'm so hot, but expect at some point to be like my mother and cold all the time. I have several patterns lined up and would love to add this one to my stash. You do really lovely items.

Amy T.

I love to wear shawls at church. You never know from one week to the next if it going to be hot or cold and it's just nice to have something to knock off the chill of air conditioning. Plus a shawl looks nice with a dress.


I'm sitting here wrapped up in my Shetland Triangle while reading blogs this evening. There's an autumnal chill in the air, but it's way too early in the year to turn on the heating!

There are comfort shawls for wrapping up warm with, and sexy, dressy shawls for going out in... what I like best is that not everybody wears them!


Hey Sam.... I love this pattern of yours. Nice Job! I have actually never knit a shawl... Always seemed liked a huge project & committment so with my crazy schedule didn't seem very practical. But now with school in session, I am looking for something new, fun & different... and this just might be the ticket :)
Keep these awesome designs coming!


I like to wear smallish shawls (or larger ones scrunched up) wrapped around my neck and shoulders like a scarf to give me that extra bit of warmth on a chilly day.


I love scarfs, shawls, and the like, but I'm not good at finding opportunities to WEAR them!

I love this shawl because I could make it in a heaver yarn that would take me through damp/cool weather!

I also dislike lace and the airiness of most shawls...which again, this totally addresses!

Nancy N

I like to wear shawls at the office, where it is frigid all year long. On a good day, I think they make me look like a confident and intriguing international woman of mystery. And on a bad day, it's like having a security blanket. I love this pattern because your design does not have a pointy bottom, and neither do I.


Love my shawls. I wear them to restaurants that have the air conditioning too high. I wear them when I knit. I wear them in the winter instead of a coat whenever possible. I wear them at work. I keep one in the car.


Perfect timing! I just queued this on Ravelry as the perfect pattern for some yummy wool crepe I have!


I'm new to shawls, but I wear them at work when the temperature in my office reads 76 degrees yet my fingernails are turning blue. I'm looking to wearing one during these upcoming cool, fall days.

Thank you for sharing!

Mary Myers

I have wanted to knit this pattern since the owner of our local yarn shop made it after Sock Camp last year. Her's is beautiful and she can wear it with anything. I'm a teacher and would love to have this in my classroom for those days I have recess duty and need a little warmth. It will look great with jeans at the football games or out to eat with friends.

marcy aka knittinggolfer

i wear mine mostly in the house and car for now. and the only reason to look forward to fall is the knit wear! many sideline moms admired as i was knitting at baseball, we'll see how the soccer moms like it on!


Ooh, I came here looking for the Shawl that Jazz! Hope I'm not too late to enter. I wear my dressy shawls to church sometimes, but ones like this I love to wear to work - our office is freezing! This is a perfect pattern for something like that :)


I like to wear shawls to church cuz it takes care of the temperature issue and they are so pretty!! :o)

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