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September 14, 2009



Welcome to the dark side... Ahhhh ha ha ha! *evil laugh* ;)

Your yarn is gorgeous, btw.

And remember, we're supposed to blame Marie for all of this--- it's really her fault for showing you how to draft so easily!


Your argument sounded exactly like mine. You know it will take time away from knitting. Well, yeah, but guess who's been spinning with a Turkish drop spindle?

Rut ro is right.

Spinners are evil, I tell ya...

marcy aka knittinggolfer

it is so addictive! you are done.
i'm researching the wheel for christmas. though i love my turkish spindle and am going to by myself a Bosworth cuz Tapmouse said to. the wheel gives speed!
and i may have been looking at Tina's Sheep 2 Shoe kits today too! haha

knitting only with exercise=spinning


Rut ro indeed! It sure looks like fun though. Now please excuse me while I go stick my head back in the sand and pretend that spinning doesn't exist :-)


Hehe..I had the same words, no time, etc, etc. A great deal came my way and I find myself searching for fiber more than yarn now ;) Have fun! (ps. mine was for my birthday)


Oh, Sam....remember when we came back from the Spring Fling and said we should take a spinning class? I now have 17 drop spindles and two wheels and have spent the last three days combing fur off my tiny rabbit. (And loving every minute!) Glad to have you along for the ride!


Welcome to the spinning fold. I remember my near birthday first spinning experience--that led to some spindles, then a wheel for that birthday, and then another wheel. And a whole new stash.


Aha! Its addictive isn't it:) Yes I need to get back to that. I have a few vesper sock yarn sample braids laying around. I want to go back to my little hand spindling. So cool and relaxing:)


Oh--and The Unique Sheep is carrying roving now, too! All available in any of their colorways! ;)

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