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December 17, 2009



Love the "first draft" and look forward to seeing your final version! The dogs are adorable.


How about Vest Quest? ;;


I think it looks great!!


I, too, LOVE the edging and the vents.
"A Hint of Color"?
"On the Edge"?
"A Fine Outline"?


Looks great for a first draft and the touch of color really sets it off! What if you moved the closure area up a bit and added a bit more waist shaping? Or just wore it open?


What about Svelte? Because that's how it looks. I really like the first draft version and can't wait to see how you improve it!

Susan S

Very elegant style.
I like the buttons where they are as they provide waist shaping, but see what you mean about the neck line. My boobs would have a hey day with all that showroom. Could you just start the neck decreases later and add more buttons?


I agree, it looks great and great on you.


the vest is very cute-i wish i had a garment that made me look "chesty"! good luck

Julie Witt

Very nice and I think will be flattering on most figures!


I love the touch of color. I totally understand working that hard to design something and then having a basic element of it just not. turn. out. Ugh! What about adding darts to give more fullness for the bust while keeping the neck shaping the same? Just a thought. Happy designing!


How about Edgier?

Good luck with the re-design. I think that it won't take that much tweaking to get right! You're close.


It's neat to see what you are going through in the patterning. Thanks for sharing! I do agree I would have the same chesty issue!
"Invested" "Vested" or when you are nmad at the pattern..."Chesty Vesty".
It will be a winner with little change needed...

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