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January 25, 2010



How about seaming and/or finishing? I think I'm not the only one out there who is great at all the other stuff, but needs help with good finishing.


I definitely would love to see the one about blocking. I'd also like to learn about adding darts to sweater patterns for those who are quite endowed, but are elsewhere petite.


I particularly like "Design Your Own Mitts", "Yarn Substitution" and "If Only It Was" with the caveat that it should actually be "If Only It Were" (since it's expressing a wish for a hypothetical state, the verb should be in the subjunctive).

I'd also be interesting in something on finishing, particularly if it talked about finishing other than seaming, such as adding zippers or fabric linings. Maybe you could get Julie to do a guest talk on this; I've always admired the clever finishing on her projects.

Maybe also one about garment care, especially for non-superwash yarns? I'm afraid to make garments in non-superwash yarn, especially for my husband who wears sweaters pretty hard, because I don't want to spend an hour handwashing every item every week; but I notice you knit mostly with non-superwash fibers and it would be cool if you could allay people's fears about making garments designed for everyday wear that aren't superwash, and maybe talk about which fibers are good for durability and generally how to care for handknit garments so that you get the most out of them.

Jeanie Babbage

I'd like to know about real ways to EARN money with knit or crochet


I'd be interested in Judy's magic cast on and also on finishing. My garments are always spoilt by poor finishing, mainly because I don't like doing it and I don't take the time, so I'd like something that's quick and easy!


I would like any of the shorter classes-Judy's Magic cast-On, Blocking, Reading Charts 9if this includes cabling) and Yarn Substitutions (if this includes a discussion of how various materials "perform"-by that I mean, alpaca stretches differently than does wool, than does silk, and how we need to be aware of this for patterns/substitutions). I would also be interested in Entrelac help.
Suggestion- How to Deconstruct the Wall of Wool - using what you have-how to make that yarn into something you'd actually wear!



I like the idea of reading Japanese charts. I do think it's a really good idea to teach every knitter how to correct mistakes though. So many people just frog and start over!


Magic Cast on and the mitts class. One short one long...perfect for me these days.


I've never heard of the "magic cast on" so that is my top choice. Anything magical with knitting is okay by me! I also like "Design Your Own Mitts" since I have been wanting to make a pair to wear in my office, which is freezing much of the time! Finally, I'd be interested in the class about substituting yarns (since I NEVER have the yarn called for in a pattern), and perhaps a class about just getting started with fair-isle techniques.

Becca Huben

Great ideas - my favorite is the "design your own mitts" - I've had a few ideas stewing in my head, sketches on paper, and a tiny swatch, but I'm not sure what steps are the best to take next. I also love the idea of "Think Don't Tink" - I'm curious. I've also signed up at the Fiberside Lounge - great site!


I think "If Only It Was" is a great idea for a class. Also, a finishing video with help with seaming in different ways would be a hit. That always seems to be where I get stuck.


They all are great topics!!!
Here's 3 that I'd be likely to hop on: Think Don't Tink, Judy's Magic Caston, & Yarn Substitution.


even though there are a lot of patterns that are knit in one piece, i'd love to learn how to properly finish a sweater, especially seaming. also,i'd like to learn how to do a provisional cast-on, my last one was awful!


I would definitely sign up for "If Only It Was" because we all know how many times we've said that.

I like the idea for "reading Japanese charts", but would also like to add Japanese crochet charts, if they are not already on the list!


I like ALL of your ideas! There isn't a single one on your list that I wouldn't be interested in. I also like the suggestion for a seaming/finishing class b/c I know that I have never learned the proper way to do those things, I just pull out my Knitting for Dummies book and then wing it. I can't wait to see what you tackle first :-)


I like the idea of blocking your knits - perhaps with a few other finishing tips/tricks (or a list of some good reference books & why you think they are good - it is hard to buy them when you only see the cover)


While all of your ideas are terrific, I think the designing my own mitts would be my favorite (right now)
Then give me a bit. I love the idea of making mods to existing patterns, too.

And I'd love a video on the edging on STJ. I swear I flubbed it and am so sad, tho' I love my Shawl that Jazz! I just might have to rip it and reknit, but seeing how you did yours (in live action) would be wonderful!


Your models steal my heart every time they are on your blog.


Steeking without fear!


I like all the quickie ideas - especially blocking if it included weaving in lace ends. And sweater finishing.

From the longer class list - If only it was.....I'm really comfortable doing this with sewing, less so with knitting.


It all sounds good! I have a petite length upper body, so need to adjust tops from the armholes up ... I'd appreciate some tips on doing that, with various neckline options.


I like the Think don't Tink idea!! Some days I wish I knew how to do that! So I would be game for that class!

Debbie Stassin

I like the "Design Your Own Mitts" because I can never get them to fit my hands nicely. I also am interested in the "Magic Cast On." I am curious as to what that is. All classes sound interesting and I really enjoyed reading your blog!


Since it has recently come up, I'd say 'blocking'. Definitely blocking. And how to 'agressively' block!-lol!

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