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February 10, 2010



What is this yarn? It's beautiful and the colors will be stunning on you! I won't see you at Madrona tomorrow, but I'm sending you a big cyber hug from the East Coast :-)


Love this one Sam! I think I am going to have to make this one too!


Beautiful shawl! Sorry I'll have to miss you tomorrow...gotta work!


Absolutely gorgeous!


It's stunning. Can't wait to see it on you tomorrow!

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This will definitely look good on a dress especially when you are the one wearing it.

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I am trying to imagine myself wearing one of this. I hope it looks good on me.


Love the shawl- where's the pattern?
Have fun.


I love it I want it I must knit one

Laura Nelkin

Beautiful!!! Have fun at Madrona... I wish it were closer for me : )!!!!!


I love the color and the design, hope it goes well with whatever clothes you plan to wear it with.

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Nice outfit it really goes well with shawl that on the neckline of the dress.


I love the shawl! It has great drape! Ooohhhh! Have fun at Madrona!

Sue Callahan

I swear I saw you! It was Thursday about 10ish coming in from the parking lot. I think I recognize that shawl! I wanted to say something as it is gorgeous but was too chicken.


It was wonderful to see you at Madrona, too!! And what a treat to see this beautiful shawl in person!! It's just lovely!!!


Oooooh, pretty!!! I don't think I fully understood this item while it was in progress. The lace + the points are great!


What's this yarn? I must have it!


I LOVE the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shawl is very pretty too ;)

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