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May 25, 2010



No,no,no! You've got the map right! Sounds like a fantastic plan for the summer.


Cape Disappointment... heheh. Their website fails to mention the most (potentially) interesting part of Cape Disappointment: how did it get its name??

I've got 37 states... and I don't think I really want to go to any of the other ones. :-P Except for Hawaii and Alaska. Can't believe you haven't been to Myrtle Beach, though! It's a classic.

My states: http://bit.ly/bICk8B


Sounds like a fun summer plan. I visited Olympic National Park and Cape Flagler before Sock Camp last year and had a blast. I would love to visit in the summer and spend more time on the Olympic Peninsula.

I've got 39 states (including all of the South expect Mississippi). The job requiring a crazy amount of travel has been good for something, I guess.


Now I remember why I first read your blog! RVing the entire US! And you also have 5 kids, right? We have 9 states left...the Northeast. And we're not doing it this summer. Hubby has too much on his plate. After that, we're heading back to the northwest and down to northern California. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures.

Alice in the Heartland

My map looks similar to yours except I've got the Northeast filled in along with some more of those mid-Atlantic states around Washington DC. Have fun on your RV trips. Love that you are focusing on the local area. Hard to believe all the places around here that tourists come to see that I've never bothered with. Like the Tulip festival in Pella.
P.S. love your Vancouver wrap.


You definitely ought to give the south a try...but not during the summer! We're already having days in the mid-90's in Mississippi. First time commenting on your blog...love your patterns.

Laura Nelkin

Your summer adventure sounds like it will be grand... I've got big hopes for my family making it out to the Canadian Rockies next summer, we'll have to cross paths and knit a glacier together!

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