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November 09, 2010



How about "Striations"?

It's sort of rocks/geologically inclined and means: "a series of ridges, furrows or linear marks"


When I first saw this sweater I thought "fossil" living in an area where fossil hunting is a huge past time I think it really resembles a Crinoid (there is a Crinoid Shawl in Ravelry) but it can also be a Criniod. Just Google Indiana fossils :)


Tectonic....my middle schooler just finished studying layers of the earth, earthquakes, plate shift, etc...so I thought this went along with the lines/layers of your sweater.


I would suggest the name Corundum, which is the base mineral from which we get ruby and sapphire. I like the idea that this the base sweater pattern for creating your own personal gem, and corundum is fun to say.


"Mica" ...the reverse stockinette bands remind me of the flaking layers of mica sheets:


(the only "Mica" pattern I found in Ravelry was a sock!)

The sweater looks gorgeous!


Cuz you have used my favorite color at this very moment...what imediately comes to mind is Mica (because the ridges remind me of the the mica rocks that we used to chip away at as kids). Since there are Mica socks, the name Shard comes to mind. The pieces of that rock.

Beautiful sweater and I like it as much as Flint.


Okay, so my very first thought was 'Cleavage.' Cleavage is used to describe ways that minerals split along certain planes based on their crystallographic structure (think how the rock typically breaks or chips away). In college, the geology department really wanted shirts with rocks on them that said 'perfect cleavage'...it was mostly the boys, but we loved our corny rock jokes. But....I don't think cleavage is a good name for a sweater (as much as the lines running across the sweater remind me of perfect cleavage in a mineral). So I had to pick a name of a mineral that also has perfect cleavage.


It has perfect cleavage, just like the sweater. It's a mica, but I like the image I get when I say muscovite to myself. A cabin with snow, a well-built waiter bringing me a cuppa hot cocoa and all because my sweater has perfect cleavage.


Schist -- nice, short..

...metamorphic rock having a foliated, or plated, structure called schistosity in which the component flaky minerals are visible to the...


Ruby Ridge // Rhodium Ridge (for the ridges)
Turbidite (a layered sedimentary formation)
Banded Agate // Banded Jasper

Hazel Smith

I can't believe that the first thing I thought of was "striations" and when I got to the comments, the first name was "striations". Great minds think alike(lol).


My vote is for Moraine. A moraine is a geological formation that can be "a mound, ridge, or other distinct accumulation of generally unsorted, unstratified glacial debris (called till), deposited by direct action of glacier ice." The garter ridges in varying widths on the sweater remind me of ridged moraines.


Alluvium: deposits of earth, sand, gravel, and other transported matter, made by rivers, floods, or other causes, upon land not permanently submerged beneath the waters of lakes or seas.

The purl ridges reminded me of the ridges of deposited material on an alluvial plain (ancient) or at the tide line on a beach (recent).

Lovely pattern; can't wait to see the finished design!


Ooooh, I love the bands! Sardonyx can exhibit pretty bands.


With the ridges, the sweater looks to me like a sedimentary rock: the name Sandstone is taken, but not Claystone or Siltstone or Mudstone. Or you could call it Sedimentary (which would suggest that sweaters #3 and #4 could be Igneous and Metamorphic...).


This colorway reminds me of hiking Red Rock Canyon.


Agate - a variety of chalcedony, as is Flint. Agate is a banded variety of chalcedony. There are other varieties also: jasper, sardonyx, carnelion.


Red Rocks

Luisa Perkins

Chalcedony is another really cool name--with connotations of elegance, mystery, preciousness. The mineral itself is highly structured, like this very elegant sweater. Chalcedony can also be several different colors so is not dependent on your gorgeous colorway choice.


It's really beautiful!


Strata: the purl ridges remind me of "layers of rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguish it from other layers. Each layer is generally one of a number of parallel layers that lie one upon another, laid down by natural forces. Strata are typically seen as bands of different colored or differently structured material exposed in cliffs, road cuts, quarries, and river banks." (from Wikipedia)

And it looks lovely.

Carol Simmons

My first thought was Strata. Layers of rock


I'd really like Limestone as a name, as it is a sedimentary rock and flint sometimes occurs in it. However, there's already a shawl that has Limestone in its name (though it's not the full name), so an alternative might be Karst. Karst landscapes are formed when water slowly dissolves the limestone (or other soluble bedrock) and eats holes into it. Karst landscapes are stark and beautiful.

Susan S

Gosh - I'm impressed with everyones knowledge and originality. I don't have any inspiring thoughts as to a good name but love some of the suggestions.



amy t

How about Sardonyx? I found a picture of a red striated rock and that was what is was called.


My suggestion -

Arkose - like Ayers Rock in Australia - because it's stunning, simple, and for the colors.

Amy V

I vote for Ruby Rock...after Ruby Beach in Northern Washington.


Jasper. My first reaction was banded jasper. Jasper comes in red, yellow, brown or green and rarely blue.


Well, since you asked, you could name it after one of my dogs-Onyx, Agate or Obie (Obsidian). Only Obie is still alive and well. My DH is a big rock guy, which explains the names.
But really, the gorgeous sweater needs a gorgeous name-and Geode comes to mind. Open up the pattern and see what is created inside.


When I saw the shape, the very first thing that came to mind was "Skimmer" 'Skimming' because of the way you've shaped it to skim along your shape. You can 'skim' rocks across a pond. Probably too loosely related, but it's all I've got. Gorgeous piece btw.


In doing a google search, I found a lot of interesting things about stones, including this: Rhodonite soothes the nervous system. This gemstone vibrates with love. Just holding this gemstone promotes relaxation and brings a sense of well-being. This is a balance gemstone and is used to clear the psychic centers.Rhodonite raises self worth and helps ward off negativity. It has been known as a "rescue stone".

What better image for this sweater than something that vibrates with loves, raises self worth and wards off negativity...and, beside, rhodonite is generally a pink or red hue


"Perthite" is an intergrowth of two different Feldspar minerals in one rock. Perthite is usually composed of veins or stripes of one Feldspar running through a different Feldspar.


I like Beryl or Lapilli Tuff. Both are minerals according to the internet.
But to be honest, Moraine sounds good.


How about Halite? Like others have said, the purl ridges bring stratified / sedimentary rocks to mind. Halite is one of the few minerals commonly found in sedimentary rocks... and not a pattern yet!

You're right, I was surprised how many mineral / rock names are used for patterns!


Stratis, stratification, sedimentary


I like Pyrite, Gypsum or Travertine.


Very lovely, Sam! And the horizontal ridging really works nicely-it's subtle and not stripey! Looks like you have some great name suggestions and I'm not feeling very clever, but I can hardly wait to see what you end up naming it!


No particular reason for these names other than I thought they sounded cool. :)
Electrum, Spinel, Calomel, Carnelian, Larimar


Slate - a type of metamorphic rock (rocks with layers or banding).


When I saw the layers I immediately thought 'shale'. From wikipedia: Shale typically exhibits varying degrees of fissility breaking into thin layers, often splintery and usually parallel to the otherwise indistinguishable bedding plane because of parallel orientation of clay mineral flakes. Perfect for this sweater!

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