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August 10, 2011



Oh my goodness, she's getting so big!


Woo hoo! Go Moxie! Great post about how a good breeder can make all the difference. My parents owned a pet store for many years and always worked with local breeders who took great care of their dogs. Shelter dogs (and cats) are great but I don't think there's anything wrong with finding a breed you particularly like and finding a good breeder who has such a high set of standards as Katie is great! Looks like Moxie had a good time at the show!


Excellent points about breeders and you are right on the money with them. Congrats to Moxie! Nice job. Now go knit before she gets into your yarn again! LOL I've been chuckling following along on twitter. My Emma used to do the same thing to my projects when she was Moxie's age. Thank goodness she has grown out of it!


Go Moxie!!


What a beautiful breed. Thanks for sharing.


She's beautiful and I totally agree that great breeders produce healthy and sound pets. Congrats on her points! I'm so glad that leg break didn't keep her down.

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