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October 19, 2012



It looks like such a fantastic time! I am so glad you have time with the kids right now to get situated and visit everywhere.


Gunnersbury Park! I grew up near there...many a decade ago. I used to go to the carriage museum so often that an older attendant (who got a kick out of an American child so enamored of the vehicles) used to let me sit in some of the carriages. I hope that you find this sojourn to London to be a great and pleasant adventur...once all the dust settles and you have your things about you.


Fantastic Sam! So happy to hear that the house rental is all buttoned up.


I'll ask my friend about Halloween...

For hair cuts any Toni & Guy (Or Essensuals London- same company) will do fine for you and the kids. I worked for them for 10 years and they have a strict training program. Price level is based on experience so the cheaper the haircut the least amount of time they've been doing it.

Black pudding has blood in it. Same for black sausage.

When you get an opportunity to go to Windsor DO NOT MISS Queen Mary's dollhouse. Take the tour, it will absolutely boggle your mind.

Asked my friend if Halloween is a thing in the UK: " Yes it is!! Our kids back home are really into it!! Only difference being they dress up as scary halloweeny creatures rather than regular fancy dress - you know - tarty maids or Spider Man!!


So did you have to quarantine Moxie for a time or no? I was under the impression the UK still wanted animals quarantined for several months.


They've relaxed the quarantine time for the US and Canada but the rules are very specific http://www.dogfriendly.com/server/travel/info/customs/england.shtml


Thanks for keeping us in the loop on your adventures. The kids' blog is terrific. I'll be sure to share with our girls!


I've followed your blog for a long time, but I'm fairly sure I've never posted. As a fellow Washingtonian I enjoyed seeing places around home and now as you've completed your move to London I'm thrilled to see you've landed in Chiswick. I lived there for almost 4 months on a home stay program while going to school. I walked across Chiswick common almost every day while going to/from Turnham Green to Duke Ave.

I look forward to reading more about your new adventures.

Janet A.

I have followed your blog for a while since finding your knitting patterns (which I love). I am also fascinated with your dog; I think that the breed is amazing. I've checked back on occasion and I'm glad to see you back on the blog.

I moved from the US to Scotland almost 30 years ago and lived there for a year so I can relate to what you are experiencing. I have walked some of the paths that you are now walking.

I hope that you don't mind having a stranger following your life experiences. I look forward to seeing more knit designs in the future.


Black pudding is blood pudding. It's really very good! And don't miss the National Gallery either. The Sainsbury wing normally has one big show a year that shouldn't be missed.

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